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$1075.00 All two piece two tip rods
$1200.00 All three piece two tip rods
$1300.00 Salmon steelhead rods
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Bamboo fly rods are both beautiful and functional. They have great delicacy and smoothness of cast not found in graphite. This difference is noticed especially when a fish is played.
A great sense of "connection" with the fish is felt with every fiber of the cane transmitting the action of the fish to the fisherman.

You may ask "How is this?". The answer lies in the power fibers of the bamboo. When properly constructed, thousands of these fibers are aligned up and down the fly rod.

At ART WEILER RODS all splitting of the bamboo is done strip by strip, in careful alignment with these power fibers so as to maintain them from the tip to butt of the bamboo "stick".
We do not saw the strips or use any device which would split all the strips in one step . Yes this would save us much time, but the resulting strips would have misaligned power fibers.

We also do not initially cut the cane to length, but split 12' long strips, align (stagger) the nodes and then lay out the rod from tip to butt as the fly rod "grew in the cane" to maximize power fiber alignments in the finished fly rod.

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Often, when the nodes (joints in the cane) are crooked they are dry-heated to straighten.
We do not do this. We straighten the nodes with steam, the water acting as a lubricant and preventing damage to the node, already the weakest spot in the cane strip. We do not compress nodes as this would cause further damage to the interlocking fibers there. We carefully sand and file the nodes which are then minimized by our hand-planing methods resulting in small compact nodes in the finished rod. We do not mill final tapers into the strip but hand-plane oversized strips down to final taper with careful cutting with hand planes. This results in less damage to the valuable power fibers.

What does this all mean to the fly rod owner? At ART WEILER RODS, we can sum this up in the comment we often hear from people the first time they fish our fly rods - simply put: WOW!!!

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